The World Bosai Forum (WBF) will consist of meeting sessions (plenary, thematic and technical sessions), poster pesentations, exhibitions and events open to the public.

Planned schedule

Saturday, November 25
Public pre-event
Sunday, November 26
Opening, meeting sessions (plenary, thematic and technical sessions, including sessions open to the public), poster presentations, exhibitions and study tours
Monday, November 27
Meeting sessions (plenary, thematic and technical sessions), poster presentations, exhibitions and study tours
Tuesday, November 28
Meeting sessions (plenary, thematic and technical sessions), poster presentations, exhibitions, closing, study tours and excursions (overnight trips returning on Wednesday, November 29 a.m.)

Meeting sessions

Submission was closed.

Meeting sessions will consist of Plenary Sessions (up to 1000 participants), Thematic Sessions (up to 220 participants), and Technical Sessions (up to 120 participants). The program will include sessions organized by the organizing committee, as well as those proposed and organized by the session hosts.

Public Pre-Event on November 25

  • Public cultural events will be held at Tohoku University Kawauchi Hagi Hall in the afternoon of November 25.
  • Bosai activities by young generations from disaster areas will be introduced. Folk performing arts and music which played important roles in disaster areas will be put on.
  • The detailed information will be updated accordingly.


We will have approximately 20 exhibition booths of non-commercial organizations.
The booths will be limited to invited exhibitors.

Poster Presentations

General information
We invite scientists, practitioners, and policy makers from various science and technology fields and from all geographical regions, at local, national, regional and international levels to submit abstracts for poster presentations within the conference themes focusing on the four priorities for action of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. The three best posters presented during the poster session will be awarded. Upon receiving your abstract acceptance letter, you will be required to pay the poster registration fee (JPY 5,000) to confirm your presentation.

Important dates
Submission close:July 7(Fri)
         To be extended until July 28(Fri)
         Submission is closed
Selection notification:End of August
           Around 13 September 2017

For more information

Flash Talk Presentations

Flash talk presenters will present their activities or research outcomes on disaster risk reduction and related themes in the open space on the 3rd floor of the venue. Each presentation will be12 minutes long. Registration to the Forum is required to give a talk. Please refer to the Information and Guideline of the Flash Talk Presentations and submit your application using the applicatoin form, which can be dowloaded from the following links.

Application deadline : To be extended until 29 Sep(Fri)

Study Tours / Excursions November 26 – November 29

In partnership with four disaster-affected prefectures (Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima), Sendai City will conduct a variety of study tours and excursions during the forum.

(1)Study Tours

Visit areas around Sendai to learn about the March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and ongoing efforts towards reconstruction
1.Experiences and lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake.
2.Actions of multi-stakeholders ― a study of various actions of residents of Tohoku working on disaster risk reduction.
3. Build back better ― real-life situations of people working to rebuild their lives.
All 5 courses
November 26 (Sunday) Course S1 (14:30~17:30)
November 27 (Monday) Course S2 (12:30~15:30)
November 27 (Monday) Course S3 (09:00~13:30)
November 27 (Monday) Course S4 (08:30~13:30)
November 28 (Tuesday) Course S5 (09:00~12:00)
※Lunch is included in courses S2, S3 and S4.
During the forum, we plan to organize tours every day. We will investigate the “Ruins of the Great East Japan Earthquake Sendai Arahama Elementary School”, “Sendai 3/11 Memorial Community Center”, “Minami-Gamo Wastewater Treatment Plant”, etc. We will learn the experience and lessons learnt from the Great East Japan Earthquake as well as the situation of reconstruction of Sendai city and around the area.
Click here for the detail information about the tour !
The foreign forum registrants (No additional fee is needed for study tours.)

Ruins of the Great East Japan Earthquake:Sendai Arahama Elementary School


Sendai 3/11 Memorial Community Center


Minami-Gamo Wastewater Treatment Plant damaged
by the tsunami


Tsunami evacuation tower, a countermeasure against future tsunamis


Sightseeing in the Tohoku region including disaster-affected areas
1.Witness recovery efforts since the Great East Japan Earthquake.
2.Experience the richness of nature, culture, history and daily life in the Tohoku region around Sendai.
3.Experience the richness of food in the Tohoku region such as fresh seafood on the Sanriku Coast.
All 4 courses
- Overnight trips departing on November 28 and returning on November 29
Please see below for the details.
※Meals and accommodations are included in each courses.
Click here for the detail information about the tour !
The foreign forum registrants (No additional fee is needed for study tours.)
Iwate Prefecture course
(Theme: the history and reconstruction and great nature of Iwate)
Typical destination

World Heritage Hiraizumi


Miracle Pine

Miyagi Prefecture course
(Theme: the reconstruction of Miyagi and Matsushima, one of the most scenic locations in Japan)
Typical destination

“Matsushima”, one of the most scenic locations in Japan
Photo provided by Matsushima Tourism Association


Minamisanriku-cho Disaster Prevention
Agency Office

Fukushima Prefecture course
(Theme: find out the state of Fukushima and discover the charms of Fukushima)
Typical destination

Aquamarine Fukushima


Naraha Remote Technology Development Center
Photo provided by Japan Atomic Energy Agency

Aomori Prefecture course
(Theme: enjoy the coastal scenery and attraction of the food in Aomori)
Typical destination

Tanesashi Coast





The forum registrants and their family members are able to attend the reception with an additional fee of 7,000 yen per person. A buffet dinner will be served and some entertainment is being planned. Online pre-registration is required.

*The legal drinking age in Japan is 20 years or older. As alcoholic beverages will be provided in the reception, those aged 19 years or younger are not able to attend the reception.

Date/Time:7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., Sunday, 26th November
Venue:Grand Ballroom, 2nd floor, Westin Sendai Hotel

We look forward to your participation.