(47)Disaster Digital Archives


IRIDeS, Tohoku University


Muzailin Afan
Syiah kuala University
David Slater
Sophia University
Ryo Morimoto
Harvard University
Toshitata Yamao
Kumamoto University
Sachiko Inoue
National Diet Library
Akihiro Shibayama
Tohoku University
Sébastien Penmellen Boret
Tohoku University


This session will report on the use of digital archives in the context of disaster prevention. The presenters will begin their presentation by engaging with the idea that the primary role of archives is not only to gather, manage and secure data but also to support the creation of knowledge and their usage (research, education, and application). Furthermore, they will discuss the success and setbacks they faced while attempting to increase the exploitation of disaster digital archives. This session will conclude with an open discussion on the future uses of archives by teachers, researchers, and professionals engaged in disaster prevention.