(42)Fujitsu Limited: Accomplishing the SDG's and Solving Social Issues through ICT
-Fujitsu is geared towards accomplishing the 2030 goal of United Nations Development Program through the creation of the Disaster Statistics Global Database


Fujitsu Limited

Co-host Organization: UNDP, Tohoku University IRIDeS


Yuichi Ono
Tohoku Univ. IRIDeS
Jo Scheuer
UNDP Bangkok
Sogo Fujisaki
Fujitsu Limited
Hirofumi Ukita
Fujitsu Limited
Yusuke Oishi
Fujitsu Laboratories


Takafumi Ikuta
Fujitsu Research Institute


UNDP, Tohoku University, and Fujitsu have engaged in a partnership geared towards the construction and management of a Disaster Statistics Global Database to be set up in Disaster Statistics Global Center. This initiative aims to decrease the damage resulting from unprecedented natural disasters. The talk will be about the vision of the endeavor and the possible ICT solutions towards the achievement of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).