WBF 2019 Report

Message from World Bosai Forum Foundation

The World Bosai Forum/International Disaster Risk Conference@Sendai 2019 was successfully convened. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who participated in the sessions, exhibitions, posters, and mini-presentations, as well as to the many local people who came to the event.

871 participants from 38 countries and regions attended the World Bosai Forum. Those who participated in the study tour along with the forum saw the reconstruction of the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. The total number of participants reached approximately 11,000, including exhibitors and visitors to the simultaneous event " Sendai Bosai Future Forum " "The 10th Earthquake Technology Expo Tohoku" and general public visitors to the World Bosai Forum. As in 2017, the event was a great success.

At the forum, 50 oral sessions, 3 keynote speeches, 47 poster sessions, 33 mini-presentations, and 14 exhibition booths were held to discuss the promotion of "Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, 2015 -2030" and in particular the achievement of Global Target E, which was a sub-theme of the forum. Specific solutions to "BOSAI" were shared, and the contents, including lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, were suitable for a global forum in terms of both quality and quantity. In particular, there were many sessions in which young people and companies played a key role.

At the closing ceremony, following the presentation of the winners of the poster presentation, the "Chair's Summary" was announced, clarifying the main themes and trends of the discussion at the World Disaster Prevention Forum 2019, and stating the issues for the next meeting. The main themes were as follows: (1) Progress and issues regarding the formulation of national and regional disaster risk reduction plans required in the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction Target E, (2) Maturation of relatively new disaster risk reduction fields and remaining issues, (3) Changes in risks and uncertainties due to climate change, (4) Importance of the private sector in disaster risk reduction, (5) New technologies and issues related to disaster risk reduction, (6) Importance of the activities and further participation of young and next generation experts, (7) Continuation of disaster memory and awareness, and (8) Possibility of reconstruction. At the Third World Bosai Forum, it was proposed to encourage more active participation of the private sector and young people, and to hold well-planned sessions on interdisciplinary approaches.

Yet, we cannot celebrate the forum's success in the face of frequent disasters. The results of the 2nd World Bosai Forum were presented in dedication to the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. As disasters believed to be the effects of climate change occur frequently around the world, the World Bosai Forum intends to communicate concrete solutions to adaptation through dialogues among industry, government, academia and the private sector, while valuing the viewpoints of women and young people.

We would like to hold the 3rd World Bosai Forum in November 2021, 10 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake. We would like to plan a forum that meets this need, and we look forward to your continued support and cooperation.

World Bosai Forum Foundation
Founder, Yuichi Ono

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